Bamboo Fencing.

Justin and I finished up the front three sections of the fence Sunday mornin' before I headed off to Folsom Fair.

We found some bamboo fencing that looked really good a nice red/black mahogany. We thought about it, as it was kinda pricy. We went back and picked up three panels. The first one we opened was a greenish black, we dithered back and forth about it finally decided that we should proceed with what we had. The next panel was more black, less green. and the final panel was full of insect and fungus damage. We took it back to exchange it only to find the one they had left was almost as bad. ... except there was the display, this one was yellow & black. It looked really good, although it didn't match the others. They did have some on order ... but we decided that the bamboo fencing in hand was worth two bamboo fencing on order.

lj-cut text="So here it is completed ... except for the lights. They will come later">


Folsom 2013

the drive down through Petaluma was traffic city, after that was OK.
The fair itself was good, although I still don't get people bringing their little dogs. It's not really the place for them. Too much chance of gettin' stepped on.
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Badger 2013

This was the best wettest Badger ever.
It was cool-warm at night so there was lots of golden showers.

The sleepin' bags are all washed and put away awaitin' the next campin' trip.

ER Visit

Last night Duke took me to the ER as I was having what felt like heart trouble.
3 EKG's and one treadmill stress test later they found nothing wrong.
The cardiac doc said stop smokin', take a low dose aspirin daily, get more exercise and see your primary care doc about the pain. "Your condition does not seen serious at this time, and your pain does not appear to be coming from your hear. However, sometimes the signs of a serious problem take more time to appear."
It could be caused by allergies, or ... don't remember that part.
I'm home, and off to work for a couple of hours.
Thanks to all for their concerns

Catchin’ up with LJ Friends

Yesterday Duke mentioned that of all his LJ friends only three had posted anything and none of them had any comments. Is LJ on its way out, he wondered.

I have to say that I’m less bloggy on LJ in the past. It seems that is so much to do, that I have less time to read. And not just LJ, less readin’ of the newspaper, less reading of cheap trashy paperbacks, just less readin’ in general.

My many health issues, while none seem very serious, have subtly altered things. I have to say the medical marijuana has helped tremendously.

The current house project is replacing rotted siding. A section here, a section there … If I had known in the beginning that it was going to mushroom into such a large project, I would have just replaced all the siding. More cost on materials, but less cost on labor. It would have cost us just a little more, but we’d have all new siding and not this crappy T111 junk.

I did a large garden renovation this winter/spring and plan to so some more this fall. I’ve been bloggin’ a bit about that over here

I’m also working more this year, although it all seems to go right back out again. And I’m havin’ trouble getting traction on ebay & craig’s list sales. I did well over Christmas last year. I thought it would be a short break in the spring to get it together to regularly do sales, but such has not been the case.

Well hope springs eternal, as they say. So the siding project will be done, to be replace by fence replacement projects, and this winter should give me the space to get the internet sales together.

So thar ya go.

QBT 2013

I'm back from QBT, it was great.

Friday afternoon I rode up with Gary in his car so that Duke could have the truck to come up in on Saturday. His trike is not runnin' at the moment. Unfortunately Duke didn't feel well Friday night or Saturday. We postponed birthday cake until Sunday. He did make it Sunday in time for dinner and cake. Speakin' of cake it was a hit. Festively colored and tasty too. I had them write "Happy Birthday Duke The Hell's Angel". I lit the candles, took the cake out ... and the breeze blew out the candles. Duke go a lot of HBD's, he told the story about the being called a Hell's Angel, then he cut the cake. The black edging was really a hit, especially when it turned everyone's tongue black. Biker Zombies on the Loose. Sounds like a movie title. This morning a lot of us had green shit, assumedly from the black frosting.

The weather was cooler than usual, to the point of light rain this morning and on the drive home.
The food was great, as always. Lots of loungin' about drinkin' beer and smokin'. I had a great time. Thanks Tony, John & Bill for hostin' us once again.

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